Saturday, June 16, 2018

Circus Elephant Watermelon Carving and Clown Face Vegetable Platter

We recently attended a circus-themed family reunion and were tasked with coming up with festive treats to fit the theme. Check out this fabulous circus elephant watermelon carving that we turned into a fruit-filled centerpiece and a colorful clown face vegetable platter to go with it.

Creating the elephant out of watermelon was not too challenging. Cut about 1/3 of the watermelon off at one end. Scoop out the meat and use that section of the watermelon rind to cut out your trunk and ears. I cut the trunk so that it wrapped around the area where the vine was attached to the melon and then cut the ears from the two sections left over.

We used long wood skewers to attach the trunk and ears to the melon (you'll have to cut the inner part of the ears to fit flush against the melon.) We used blueberries for the eyes. Raiding the craft supplies box, we fashioned a head dress out of feathers, felt, ribbon scraps and a repurposed blue medal ribbon.


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